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Services are incorporation, business coaching and Consulting


New Corporation's types for startup businesses

We can incorporate your new startup fast and easy, For incorporation, business coaching and or consulting, let us know whether it is an Limited partnership (LLC), 1120 or 1120 Sub S Corporation, or an nonprofit (501C3) you need to get your business started. 

For New Entrepreneurs with not a clue on how to start your business, We now have Business Complete! We will set up your corporation, bank account, obtain a domain name for you and assist you on the Web. For an additional fee we can also secure office space for you or you can work out of your home until your business grows.

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Business & Financial Coaching

Business and Financial coaching to analyze your business

Through our business and financial coaching we can analyze your particular situation, whether you need financial or incorporation services, Our coaching services to help you make the strategic decisions to grow you business and make it more profitable.  If you are already in business we can help you discover a plan of action to increase your business through time , financial and management and sales pricing. 

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Consulting, Lottery coaching, Trust and Tax coaching, Lottery Winnings consulting

We realize that emergencies occur in every day life, we are there when you need Marriage, Divorce and Grief counseling. Final Estate distribution, Trust or Tax Compliance. We realize it is hard to run a business when you haven't planned well and Tax problems occur or you just need Lottery assistance because you as a business lost your lottery license or you hit the lottery big, and don't know what to do. We want to be your go to person when you are not sure what road to take. Whether it is incorporation, business coaching or consulting were there to help.

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Need Certification Help?

The MBE, WBE, VBE, WOSB, 8(a) Certification, Federal, State and local certification processes

Do you need help in certification of your 

  • M/WBE
  • WOSB
  • MBE
  • 8 (a) Certification

Excalibur Entrepreneurs, has worked with hundreds of Companies over the past 20 years and specializes in Business Assessments, Executive Mentorship, Business Services, Company valuations and assisting companies with the Business certification Process.

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Project Management

Do you have projects you need a Project manager to assist you to help you achieve the desired results. Give us a call and let us make you look good, Call today (716) 322-1113